Mold Remediation Photo Gallery

Sparta Mold Attack

When a commercial building suffers a mold attack in Sparta, the wise call is to SERVPRO because We're Faster To Any Size Disaster! We always try to work around the business environment with as little fuss as possible. Removing sheetrock and insulation, and then spraying an antimicrobial agent can resolve this mold damage problem.

Mold Damage – Sparta Home

Mold damage at this Sparta home developed when the wall absorbed water from the adjoining bathroom. Mold can proliferate very rapidly, so it is essential to call for help when the mold damage is discovered. SERVPRO of Cumberland, Morgan & White Counties has an experienced and industry certified team of technicians can come in and clean up your mold problem.

Mold Damage – Crossville

Mold damage in Crossville can develop very rapidly when moisture and darkness are present at the same time. The resulting mold can be seen in the photo. SERVPRO of Cumberland, Morgan & White Counties possesses the products and procedures needed to clean up the mold and return all of the affected surfaces to preloss condition.

Mold Damage - Sparta Home

Mold damage at this Sparta home developed around the skylight in the kitchen of the home. The seals had become worn out which made it possible for water to leak in and wick into the drywall ceiling. SERVPRO of Cumberland, Morgan & White Counties technicians would be able to remove the damaged drywall and clean and disinfect the entire area. They would then replace the seals for the skylight and install new drywall.

Crossville Mold Damage

Leakage from poorly sealed windows can allow rainwater to enter the walls and cause the unsightly mold damage in a Crossville house. SERVPRO mold remediation technicians can remove the damaged drywall, and spray an antimicrobial agent to protect against future problems.

Sparta Mold Damaged Walls

The black mold patches on this wall are the result of a vacant house in Sparta being very humid and lacking in proper ventilation. SERVPRO techs know how to deal with this infestation to minimize the circulation of mold spores to unaffected areas of the house.